We are so grateful for the many generous souls who continue to help us continue this project.

Lydia Goble, Donor

My name is Lydia Goble. I, along with my mother Lisa Goble, are the creators of Fleece Blankets for Bronson. We started this organization about 10 years ago. I was extremely ill in the summer of 2008, diagnosed at Bronson with a rare disease called Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome and spent a total of 46 nights on the third floor at Bronson. I have been in remission for 12 years and am now 21 years old and healthy! While I was in and out of the hospital, the one thing that stayed constant and with me was my blanket. It was gifted to me during my stay and it made a huge, positive impact on me. Most people do not see blankets as anything special, but in the hospital setting, the beds and rooms are not comfortable and they definitely aren’t home. One blanket has the possibility to change all of that, while also being a keepsake for a child who receives it. For me, the blanket was a sense of home, provided me comfort, and helped me to express myself.

Every year we have friends, family and our surrounding community members help by donating money,  their favorite fleece and finished blankets. We also have individuals and groups that stop by to pick up fleece and tie the blankets for us. We wrap each blanket individually and then we then deliver them to Bronson. We offer many different designs so when children come and see all the blankets, they can choose which one fits THEM best. The past two years we have surpassed our previous numbers by more than double.   

We have a Facebook page called “Fleece Blankets for Bronson” and are currently 426 donators strong who all help us to spread the blanket love.  It is our plan to continue this organization and to make a difference in the life of a child one blanket at a time. We are so grateful for the many generous souls who continue to help us continue this project.