We are pleased to report that Dr. Nikkel’s surgery was a resounding success

Dennis Heitzmann, Family Member

With a great deal of trepidation, we agreed to support my wife’s brother, David Krogh, to pursue knee replacement surgery and recovery at Bronson Lakeview Hospital in September. Our hesitation was based on David’s advanced Parkinson’s, which was to be factored in to his surgery and recovery.

We are pleased to report that Dr. Nikkel’s surgery was a resounding success, and it has been remarkable to see the change in David’s attitude and well-being as a result of being pain free and mobile once again.

Beginning with the prep for surgery at Bronson South Haven, the surgery itself, and proceeding to the in-hospital nursing care, we were impressed by the supportive attendants, and the first class rehab professionals — start to finish it went from fear and worry for all of us, to perhaps one of the most positive experiences David has had in many months. Every staff member with whom we had contact was kind and helpful, and we felt we were being treated as family.

Suffice it to say that our journey with David continues to be fraught with disappointments, starts and stops. Be that as it may, we keep close our recollections of one of the best experiences in years — the Bronson experience. On behalf of David Krogh, Dennis and Marcia Heitzmann.

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