We are now recycling more than 20% of the soda cans sold in the cafeteria.

Brandon Buchholz and Molly Hawkins, Employee

Since we both work in the food service department and see how many cans and bottles of soda we go through in the cafeteria alone, we made it one of our 2017 annual goals to start a recycling program. The plan was to place containers throughout the hospital for employees and visitors to put their empty returnables in. Then, each week we would take the cans/bottles and recycle them at a local grocery store. A few months into the project, we came up with the idea of taking all the money from the returned cans and bottles, and donate it back to a Bronson Health Foundation fund.

At the end of the year, we had collected more than $1,100 dollars! We decided the best way to choose a Health Foundation fund was to put the names of the possible funds into a hat, and pull one out. Sexual Assault Services is what we picked. It was really exciting to be able to present them with the check earlier this year. Since nobody knew it was coming, it was a great surprise.

Even though this was a 2017 goal, we are going to continue to collect cans and bottles around the hospital. Other employees are really starting to get involved. We even have some employees who will collect empty cans/bottles on their units and bring them to us, or bring their returnables from home. Since it is starting to catch on, we don’t want to stop. At the end of the year, we plan to select another Bronson Health Foundation fund to give the proceeds to!