We are Grateful for our Wonderful Patients and Volunteers

Scott Smith, Employee

Bird Feeder

Our rehabilitations services office in South Haven has a birdfeeder that was in need of repainting for over a year. My patient Marsha Stoffer-Holmes is a retired art teacher, so when she saw that the bird house needed painting she took it upon herself to create something beautiful for our staff and patients to enjoy when they come into our office.
When she brought it back, we were amazed at the work of art she created. She shared this with us:

Everyone needs to find the goodness in everyone and the staff at Bronson South Haven Rehabilitation Services keeps it right in their hearts. Scott and Sarah have been especially wonderful and have shown dedication and concern for me like no other place I’ve been. This, and seeing how hard they work regardless of the circumstances, is what moved me to use my skills as an artist to show them how much they are all appreciated.” — Marsha Stoffer-Holmes

Our bird and squirrel feeding area is a fantastic way to bring nature to the clinic and our patients love it. It’s is part of the experience at Bronson South Haven. The original feeding area was started at the request of a patient and I have carried on the tradition since we opened the building 14 years ago.

Our South Haven volunteer auxiliary has also supported our bird feeding efforts. They recognize the importance of client centered care and the nice touch bird and squirrel watching adds to our patient experience. Our volunteers have been amazing through the years and they continue to give back to the hospital and its customers.
Thank you from all of us here at Bronson South Haven rehabilitation services!