We are fortunate to have such an experienced, devoted, expert nurse

Anonymous, Employee

There is a petite, soft spoken nurse that can be seen walking down the halls of Bronson Battle Creek, carrying her educational tools in a washable plastic bag. She’s on her way to the inpatient side of the hospital to educate a new diabetic patient. This nurse is Sarah Barton.

  • Her brain is full of diabetic facts.
  • She’s up on the latest medications, pumps and gadgets to monitor blood sugars.
  • She understands the the physiology of the destruction of organs due to this insidious disease.
  • She knows the current evidence based practice for the care of the diabetic patient, but she also knows the psychology needed to reach her patients to get them to make changes.
  • One of her techniques is simply asking the patient “what are you willing to change?” and building from there.
  • She is recognized as the diabetic expert by patients, hospital staff and members of our community.
  • She teaches classes several nights a month, educating the diabetics of our community and their families.
  • She holds support groups and walks on Fridays at Riverside Park with her patients and diabetic team.
  • She is sought out by staff nurses, case managers and teachers at local schools looking for accurate and up to date answers to questions about the diabetics in their care.

My family sought out Sarah’s help this year when my 91 year old father-in-law was newly diagnosed as diabetic. Her knowledge was invaluable in helping us understand how to manage an elderly person’s diabetes, which has its own nuances. She knew all the ins and outs of insurance, meters, supplies, testing and medications. She provided education to the whole family which lessened our anxiety and made the disease manageable. It was overwhelming but she offered kind, helpful guidance for which we were all so grateful. Her help made it possible for us to keep him living at home. I am honored to nominate this exceptional nurse for the Hazel Latondress Nursing Excellence Award in the category of expertise. We are all fortunate to have such an experienced, devoted, expert nurse working in our hospital and community, making the lives of diabetic people manageable and healthier.