We are forever grateful

Amy and Mitchell

Our son Daniel (age 15) is a camper at Lake Of The Woods and Greenwoods Camp in Decatur Michigan for the past 7 years. While on a day trip to the Dunes, he was swimming and came up for air and was accidently hit in the eye with a hard frisbee causing trauma to his right eye.

My husband and I were contacted immediately following the injury, and Daniel was taken to your Emergency Room last night with the head nurse from the camp. Prior to Daniel’s arrival to the emergency room, we were told to contact the hospital and let them know that Daniel was on his way, and that we would to speak to the doctor that would be treating him before he left the hospital.

We contacted the hospital and spoke with Dawn Cooper. Dawn was TERRIFFIC. She was calm and soothing, and went out of her way to assure us that our son will be taken care of, and not to worry. She had a very soothing demeanor, which being several hours away and several hundred miles away, was extremely comforting. Dawn was the perfect person to have as our initial contact with the hospital. After speaking with Dawn on the phone, she had me speak with a nurse named Becky (I believe that was her name) to verify who we were and that we authorized treatment of our son in the Emergency Room.

Daniel was seen by Dr. Jessica Stacey in the Emergency Room. When she was done examining Daniel thoroughly (as told to us by the head camp nurse who brought Daniel in), she called us to inform us, in detail, how Daniel was, and what her diagnosis was. She was kind, patient, and informative. She answered any questions that we had, and did not rush us off the phone. After speaking with her, she allowed us to speak with Daniel. Daniel said he was very nervous when going in, but that Dr. Stacey made him feel at ease, explained everything she was going to do before she did it, and he felt very safe and comfortable being treated by her. Knowing that our son was comforted and treated in your Emergency Room by a unfamiliar doctor, in an infamiliar setting, without his parents, with a serious trauma to his eye, speaks volumes to us. Dr. Stacey was AMAZING to say the least.

After Daniel was released and sent back to camp, Dawn was kind enough to call us back with the information such as the name, address and phone number of the eye doctor that Daniel and the camp was to follow up with in Kalamazoo.

We can’t begin to tell you how wonderful your staff was to us on the phone, but more importantly how wonderful they were to our son, and how thoroughly and kindly they treated Daniel. We can’t thank Dr. Stacey and Dawn Cooper enough for everything that they did last night to make his horrifically scary trauma for our son, anything but scary to him, and we are forever grateful to Dr. Stacey, Dawn, and the rest of your staff.

In our opinion, Dr. Stacey and Dawn Cooper are an asset to your Emergency Room and to Bronson LakeView Hospital.

Daniel did see Dr. Michael Brusco in Kalamazoo this afternoon and thank god, his eye and face are not permanently damaged. A few weeks of healing and he will be back to his normal self.