We are active in supporting our local community

Carmen Pirtle, Employee

I like the way that Bronson supports the United Way, because it shows we are active in supporting our local community as well as the outlying communities. It would be hard for one individual to support all of those different organizations that the United Way supports, but if we all come together to pool
our resources we can reach more of the programs in need.

I believe the literacy programs supported by the United Way are really important. Having a reading program can benefit so many people, because it’s a basic need that everyone has. I have a child that’s in school and is reading right now. I always tell her readers are leaders.

I took part in the food packing event that United Way recently had in Battle Creek. It was a great experience being able to see how much food would be going out to feed people in need. Seeing Bronson have a volunteer presence there was excellent.