We are a rare community to have this kind of support from the hospital

Rev. Clare Loughrige, Community Member

I’ve served on the advisory board for Sexual Assault Services (SAS) for the last 15 years. It’s important for me to serve on this board because 1 in 3 females and 1 in 4 males, which is the closest statistic we can find, have been survivors of sexual assault.

Our church, Crossroads Church, houses the satellite office for The Child Advocacy Center in Marshall. When I look out at my congregation and when I’m in the community, I realize that this is our family, these are our neighbors. So, how can we serve people in the community, how can we serve people that are in the fray? Along with Sexual Assault Services, we as a congregation have provided everything from televisions, to monetary donations, and helped to provide for the yearly Christmas party for survivors.

We love what SAS has been doing all these years. The therapists that work for the organization are the great heroes of our community. When there is a violent crime committed, we can rest assured knowing that survivors are going to be in competent and kind hands, which is an important part of being a community member.

I am so proud that Bronson is housing Sexual Assault Services in the hospital. I know that we are a very rare community to have this kind of support from the hospital so I just want to give thanks for that.

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