We appreciate the care given in the final hours of mom’s life

Marigene Betts, Family Member

On September 22, 2021, my mom suffered a massive stroke after we had been swimming at the Y. I arrived with her at the emergency department in shock that this was probably the end. I was greeted by a volunteer, Marie, who knew me from the Y and she helped get staff immediately to the car. She was a very welcoming sight. They showed me to the family waiting room and Chaplin Wookie stayed by my side to help in any way he could. He was very kind and showed great compassion. While we were in trauma room 1, Jordan the MA was very helpful and caring. After a few hours, we were moved to Rom 255 and allowed to stay by mom’s side the entire time. We appreciate the care given by nurses Barb and Jessica N in the final hours of mom’s life. Chaplin Paul, the night Chaplin came to visit and he was very kind and prayed with us.

We have been through many surgeries and illnesses with my mom over the years, but the compassionate care that was shown to us in these final hours is by far the best care given anywhere. We appreciate that even though we were a group of 8 we were allowed to stay with her in the end. We thank you for the refreshment cart that allowed us to remain near her.

Our thanks to each and every team member from Marie to Jessica that helped us in this final stage of life with Mom (Pat Latz).

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