Warm, relaxed care

Judy, Patient

This note is very overdue – like 2 months tardy. Life gets in the way of our plans sometimes. On Sept. 5, two friends and I were headed to the Detroit area when we decided to visit Binder Park Zoo. I tripped in their parking lot and ended up with a bad gash over my left eye. The nice people at the zoo sent me your way so I could “get stitched.” I want to thank the staff and especially Dr. Leibold for their warm, relaxed care which made the whole event easy to get thru and I must say, almost enjoyable. I think Dr. Leibold could probably do “stand up” comedy if he ever tires of stitching people.
When I went to see my primary doctor for follow-up, he was surprised how good Dr. Leibold’s work was and said, ‘That guy did a great job! He must have been a plastic surgeon.”
Thanks for turning an accident into an adventure!