Want to praise Denise in the Cardiac Unit

Katherine Jones, Patient

Want to praise Denise in the Cardiac Unit for being my Nurse for Admissions and Discharge along with all the other staff in the Unit. They are the best around and take care of business. I was only in for Observation after a procedure and was quite out of it. Denise took great care of me. Her kindness and thoughtfulness was greatly appreciated, especially since she had other patients more serious than my situation. Could not remember if I thanked her so wanted to do it now. Tell the Chief of Nursing she is a good one, along with the rest of the Team.

One concern which seems very small compared to other issues, but could the Chief of Nursing see that this Unit gets stocked with cookies for the patients. Staff sometimes have to go in search of to get them for their patients. That’s no way to spend their break. One less thing for the Nurses to be concerned with. Plus, it makes the patients happy

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