Very lucky to have such a great hospital in our community

Patti Ernst, Patient

My mom was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma the spring of 2011 while she was an inpatient at Bronson Battle Creek. Her chemotherapy was started during her initial inpatient admission and continued over the next 6 months on an outpatient basis. We made a few trips to the Emergency Department and she was an inpatient off and on over the rest of 2011. During all those times she received excellent care and when I say “care” I really mean she was “cared for”. She was also admitted to the University of Michigan over the course of her treatment. My family and I noticed that Bronson Battle Creek had many advantages over a big hospital like the U. It made us all feel very lucky to have such a great hospital in our community. Thank you Bronson Battle Creek for “caring for” amd “being there” for us all.