Very fortunate that I was sent to Bronson Hospital

Benjamin Allen, Patient

I am from St. Louis and was visiting at my 2nd home in South Haven when I broke my hip (the pickleball man). I consider it very fortunate that I was sent to Bronson Hospital. I have been to hospitals, as a patient or a visitor, in Des Moines, Indianapolis, St. Louis and Rochester, MN (Mayo Clinic affiliated) and none hold a candle to the culture of caring, positive professionalism that we met at every turn during our stay at Bronson. The amazing thing is that that culture is embraced by all of the Bronson employees. As my wife moved throughout the hospital, she said everyone she encountered was eager to assist her (to the point of even escorting her to where she was trying to go). Dr Rowe was fantastic as the surgeon. And I give a special thanks to Tina and Ethel, two outstanding nurses. The hospital room was beautiful and my wife tells me that was true of the entire hospital. The nice surroundings also add to recovery. Thanks to Dr. Rowe and his staff, all the nurses and PCAs, the physical therapy department, case manager, Dr. Pierce and associates, and the recovery and OR nurses. To a one, all were great.

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