Vanessa took great care to make sure Logan was comfortable and had the best visit

Kim Hannig, Family Member

I am writing to express my extreme satisfaction with our blood draw experience at the lab today.

My daughter, Logan, has had several, less than satisfactory, experiences with blood work. She has been uncomfortable and hurting every time. She has become so worried and upset about taking blood that she can physically make herself sick. Today was different.

Based on what we had to do before taking blood, I knew this experience was going to be extremely difficult. We were asked to force a “reaction” and get blood during that reaction time. My daughter would not be feeling well even before we had to take the blood. I called the day before and spoke with someone (I wish I could remember who) and told them our story and that we would be in on Saturday. This person relayed the message to Vanessa.

When we arrived Saturday morning, Vanessa was ready and waiting for us. She knew who we were and the general idea of our visit. Vanessa took great care to make sure Logan was comfortable and had the best visit possible. She spoke directly to her asking questions and explaining things. Vanessa made alterations to the “normal” procedure to try and prevent some of the uncomfortable feelings Logan was used to dealing with during and after the procedure. She was successful! Logan was amazed at how steady Vanessa’s hand was with the needle and the vials of blood. She said she could not even tell Vanessa was switching vials.

In addition to a smoothly executed procedure, Vanessa also had outstanding bedside manners. She listened to Logan extensively, validated her concerns and made efforts to alleviate them. She tried to connect with my daughter. She played music to relax her and shared personal experiences relevant to our situation. Even after the blood was taken, Logan felt comfortable. She felt she could stay and sit as long as she needed to before leaving. Others have said this to us, but Logan knew it was true this time.

Anxiety and worry has haunted Logan for the past two days leading up to our visit. Today, she laughed through the tears and left the hospital saying, “The next time we have to do this, can we request Vanessa?”

Kim Hannig