Use Bronson Battle Creek’s Emergency Department, they do a wonderful job.

Talia Champlin, Patient

After a horseback riding injury, Battle Creek resident Talia Champlin wanted an emergency department that offered short wait times and exceptional medical care.  Without hesitation, she chose the Emergency Department at Bronson Battle Creek and was pleased by the positive experience.

While training a young horse, Champlin was struck on the face when the horse jolted his head back suddenly.  “I knew that I was going to need stitches.  Bronson Battle Creek is very close to my home and I’ve had good experiences there in the past.  Going there was an easy decision.”

Not only did Champlin receive exceptional medical treatment at Bronson Battle Creek, but she appreciated the staff’s open communication, which kept her informed throughout her visit.  “When I checked in at the front desk, they gave me an accurate estimate on wait time.  They even provided me with updates about what was going to happen next, throughout my visit.  The communication was excellent!”

A room quickly became available.  Champlin met with a doctor who stitched her wound and even provided some comic relief.  “The doctor was fun, funny and very competent.  The wound has healed remarkably well and everyone keeps telling me, ‘I can’t believe you got those stitches just a few days ago.’”

Champlin is a strong supporter of the Battle Creek area and is thrilled to have a local hospital that offers first-rate medical services to the community.  She continues to share her recent experience with friends and coworkers.  Her mantra has become, “use Bronson Battle Creek’s Emergency Department, they do a wonderful job.”

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