Truly remarkable

Tom Meyers, Patient

The nurse who checked me in at the Endoscopy desk is named Angie.  Angie did a great job of breaking the ice and making a personal connection while checking me in and while walking me back to the prep room.  The procedure is routine and I’ve been through it many times, but Angie started off the process making me feel human and individual.  What a great first impression.

Erica is the name of the nurse who got me prepped for my procedure, who inserted the IV, and who generally got the ball rolling.  It took only a few minutes for me to feel like Erica was a friend who cared about my care and comfort.  We talked about things specifically related to me.  She created an atmosphere of openness regarding any questions and instilled a sense of confidence in me.

After Angie and then Erica, I began to wonder why I was receiving VIP treatment.

And then Dr. Peter Coles walked in.  Holy cow!  I am not a celebrity, I hold no position of importance in the community.  How in the world did I rate having this amazing doctor as my anesthesiologist?  I do not think it is possible for me to have more trust and confidence.  Any lingering worries were gone.

Dr. Edward Itawi did my procedure, and he was so good at putting me at ease and making me feel like I had the very best gastroenterologist in Michigan.  Again, I thought, what is going on?  I was in the hospital for a routine procedure, and the very best were making me feel like no patient in Bronson could be more important.

I know I don’t have this luxury, but I never want doctors other than Coles and Itawi for this procedure.

Then it was time to be wheeled into the room for the procedure.  RN Michelle came in to transfer me and immediately made a personal connection.  She made me laugh, she kept me at ease, she graciously offered to put a heavy, warm blanket on me (and that felt great), and she kept up communications/contact with me the entire time I was conscious.

And then in the procedure room, I was introduced to nurse anesthetist Joe.  He made me laugh and had the exact right combination of humor, confidence, communication and skill.  Everyone, including Joe, kept up a lighthearted and appropriate atmosphere while never losing the sense of amazing skill they instilled.  Joe kept talking to me and checking in with me until I was asleep.

As good as it can get, right?  Nope.

I wake up in recovery, and nurse Natalie is treating me like family, like a close friend, making sure that I am doing well, finding a gluten-free snack and sugar-free drink for me, and continuing to make me feel like no patient at Bronson could be more important.

I am horrible at remembering names.  The very fact that I remember all of these wonderful people by name is a testament to how amazingly I was cared for.  Truly remarkable.  Angie, Erica, Peter, Edward, Michelle, Joe, Natalie – I cannot thank you all enough.  One of the main reasons we live in Kalamazoo is the care I receive at Bronson.  Kudos, and thank you again.

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