Treated with such kindness

Anonymous, Patient

In December 2014 we lost two dear friends-One died (husband) in a nursing home (12/10/14) The other at Bronson on the second floor (the wife). We were allowed to come and go as we pleased to be with her in her last days. Allowed to stay at night as well. On the last day 12/18/14 we were with her to the last. Treated with such kindness- all the Nurses, the Doctor, Aides – treated us just like family as our friend had no children, a niece, sister, a cousin. We had been friends for many years. The chaplain stayed right there with us to the very end. It was a great privilege to be allowed to be there even though we weren’t “family” we are very thankful for all the staff of Bronson for their gentleness, kindness & compassion. God bless all the staff-we praise our hospital & staff to anyone who asks our opinion.