She has given me tools to stay fit for a lifetime

Janet Schauer, Bronson Athletic Club Member

One of the best decisions I ever made was to work with a personal trainer, in addition to joining Bronson Athletic Club. I have been working with Barb Welke for the past year. She has helped me in countless ways giving me tools to stay fit for a lifetime. She has helped me perfect my form in many areas and has encouraged me to do more than I thought I ever could. Before working with Barb, I never realized how important it is to use the proper form to build strength and protect yourself from injury. Even my daughter has commented my push ups and squats are much better… it is not easy to get such a compliment from my daughter!?

I no longer feel overwhelmed with the equipment upstairs because now I know how to use the machines and the purpose. We have also used simple equipment in the gym and had a great workout… Barb sitting on the sled while I push it or no equipment, Barb sitting on my lap during a wall sit. I look forward to every Tuesday working with Barb. She is knowledgeable, encouraging and such a joy to be with!

If you had told me several years ago that I could do 57 burpees in two minutes at age 63, I wouldn’t have been convinced. But Barb can be so very encouraging and gives me the push I am looking for.

Thank you, Barb!!