Today we recognize RN Mary Vaughn from our C2 team for resourcefulness and commitment to exceptional care experiences.

Jim McKernan, Bronson Employee

Recently, one of our patients was struggling with a device designed to provide protection and healing following an amputation.  Upon hearing the concern, Mary Vaughn reviewed the step-by-step instructions from the manufacturer – discovering that a key step had been omitted.  Mary ‘spoke up for safety’ by voicing the concern with the manufacturer.  After review, the manufacturer recognized the error, revised the guidelines, and redistributed the instructions nationwide.  Mary and the C2 wound team then did individual training on the application with teach back to all nurses on our unit.  The result of Mary’s diligence was not only an improved care experience at BBC – but will impact care for amputees across the nation.

Thanks to Mary and to staff across Bronson who go above-and-beyond to assure exceptional care experiences.  You help make BBC a safe, high quality hospital.