Today we recognize Danielle Byrd RN, Tiffany Stealy RN, Dr. Lindsay Wriston and Dr. James Yenger for outstanding teamwork and patient-centered care.

Jim McKernan, COO, Bronson Battle Creek

Recently a pregnant patient arrived in the BBC emergency department with some significant issues.  Tiffany Stealy and Dr. Yenger in the ED reviewed the case and contacted the BirthPlace for help monitoring the baby while the mom was being treated.  Danielle Byrd from our BirthPlace responded immediately and joined the care team.  Working together, there was a decision to consult with OB/GYN Dr. Wriston – who participated in a phone consultation and then promptly came to the ED to lend help and expertise.  Working as a team, the diagnosis and care for this mom and baby was outstanding and resulted in a positive outcome.

Thanks to Dr. Yenger, Dr. Wriston, Tiffany Stealy and Danielle Byrd for demonstrating great teamwork – and delivering outstanding, patient-centered care.

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