Today was just what I needed, as a parent

Kaytlin Perry, Family Member

My daughter, Willow Perry, has been admitted into the NICU since 6/19/20. Today her 1st shift nurse’s name was Emily but sadly I didn’t get her last name. I wanted so much to share my happiness. While my daughter did have a very good day, I was over the moon with Emily. It is so easy to not realize how much more stress there is, as a parent, tied to the NICU, and I am so grateful that Willow is there and getting the help she requires. However, Emily made today phenomenal and one of the best experiences. Not to down play any of the other staff, but she made it feel more normalized; which I didn’t even realize I needed. The staff is completely amazing, but today was just what I needed, as a parent.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

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