To say I was impressed was an understatement

Frankie Anela Upston, Employee

Photo of Frankie at her workstation

I wanted to share my experience in regards to our Bronson Lab as a patient and not just an employee.  I recently went to my care provider for an ongoing medical condition.  My physician ordered routine blood work along with an x-ray.  I had my labs drawn after work, and even before I made it home, I already had the results in “My Chart”.  I might add, this was only a 20-minute drive for me.  To say I was impressed was an understatement.

Due to my lab and  X-ray results coming back so quickly,  I was able to be referred and scheduled with a pulmonologist right away!  The pulmonologist ordered a connective tissue panel, vasculitis panel, IGG, IGE and RF factor.   I was then informed by my physician that she would call me when the results came back in several weeks (since the tests that were ordered were send out tests and can take several weeks to come back).   The Pulmonologist stated that, “she wished these tests were faster, but most labs do not run these tests in house.”  So again, I had my blood drawn and I was notified via “My Chart” that I had several results to be viewed within several hours of having the blood drawn.  This peaked my curiosity, so I approached the send out bench and asked Amy in send outs about the tests that I had ran and she said that because of the new chemistry analyzer,  these tests were now able to be ran in-house.  The nurse from my doctor’s office called me the next morning to schedule an “ASAP” appointment.  She stated the doctor was shocked that my labs were already back!  When I returned for my appointment two days later, the physician wanted to know how I was able to get the labs back so quickly.  I told her that the Bronson lab ran all of the labs that were requested “in-house” because of their new chemistry analyzer.  She was so impressed by our turnaround times in the lab that she stated, “it must be because of our new lab.” Those results made her job a lot easier!  I agreed and stated, “Bronson core lab is amazing,” and we are blessed with talented staff and new equipment.  

In closing, I was referred to U of M for a lung biopsy. I ended up having a complication from the procedure – which earned me a trip to the ER.  The ER physician ordered STAT labs and imagine my surprise again when my phone was alerting me that I had results in “My Chart”.  I was aware of what my labs were before the physician.  I was so grateful to the Bronson core lab staff and fellow employees for their dedication and commitment to outstanding patient care! I realized I work with an extraordinary group of individuals who continually demonstrate quality and commitment to everyone, regardless if they are an employee or patient.  I am continually awestruck by the amazing and talented employees that work here.   I would not have been able to be diagnosed or treated without the help of the lab and pathology results!  Again, I say, ‘thank you,’ to all of our great phlebotomists, core lab team and pathologists for being part of my journey!