Tina is a great nurse.

Robert Miller, Patient

My wife had her gall bladder out at Bronson and I came up to stay with her. Surgery went well. Dr. Norman is a great physician. We really liked him. When we got to our room my wife needed to use the bathroom but her nurse was busy. So another nurse, Tina came in and said she was glad to help. When she got back to bed, she got really sick and threw up everywhere. Tina was SO NICE about it all. She got her a washcloth to wash her face and gave her a bucket just in case. Then she disappeared for a minute and came back with a huge armful of stuff. She changed the bed and her gown and cleaned the room up. Then Dr. Norman came in and he was able to give us medicine and that helped right away. They answered our questions and made us feel comfortable. In fact, I was worried at first because we were on an Orthopedic floor and I was wondering if we were put there by mistake. But Tina said she had taken care of many, many gall bladder patients and that made me feel better. We asked if she was going to be our nurse for the rest of the night but she said she was in charge. Before she left though she put her phone number on the marker board so we could call her if we needed to. The next morning she came in again after the lab people couldn’t get her blood. Tina got it in one poke! We should have just called her after the first one missed. But anyway, all this to say she is a great nurse. Thanks!