Three Bronson doctors were instrumental in saving my life

Donald Desmett, Patient

I want to share this information about three Bronson doctors, who together were instrumental in saving my life.

This journey started with my family doctor, Barton M. Lewis, DO. Because of his thorough care during my annual exams he continued to trace blood in a simple but effective fecal blood test. This test, (easy to collect at home) kept Dr. Lewis informed about possible colon problems. Although I had a colonoscopy in May of 2019, he insisted I be re-examined in the spring of 2020. Dr. Lewis was an all-important step in what I feel amounted to saving my life.

I made an appointment with Evan Tiderington, MD for a colonoscopy in May of 2020, but because of COVID-19 it was postponed. But by the end of June he insisted on the colonoscopy if for no other reason than to have his own baseline for my health. At that time Dr. Tiderington found a large mass in my colon that had possible cancerous implications. He immediately scheduled a CT scan that, although did not show any additional cancer cells, was further information for surgeon Edward A. Itawi, MD.

Dr. Itawi’s office was able to schedule me within a week of the recommendation from Dr. Tiderington. Dr. Itawi was concerned about the mass and size of growth and, recommended surgery to remove the growth and colon tissue surrounding the mass. In his opinion this growth could have already contained cancerous cells or would lead to cancer within a six to eight-month time frame.

Because of a family history (losing a brother to colon cancer at age 68) I was very concerned about waiting on the surgical procedure. With the help of his staff, he was able to schedule surgery within three days.

Surgery went flawlessly and now a month into recovery I feel fantastic. Pathology reports also came back that I am cancer free.

Doctors Barton M. Lewis, Evan Tiderington, and Edward A. Itawi – I can’t possibly thank you enough. Together you all used your professional training and personal commitment to provide exemplary care. I firmly believe that, together, you saved my life.