Team Bronson has a sense of community and teamwork

Thomas, RN, Unit Coordinator Pre/Post Surgery, PACU, Endoscopy, Employee

I came to Bronson Battle Creek about a year ago, moving to the area from Philadelphia. I chose Bronson after a great deal of research, and after interviewing extensively with several healthcare providers, facilities and organizations in the area. The greatest single factor about Bronson, something I noted time and time again when reading social media postings, when interviewing for a position, or when speaking to employees I met through chance in the community, was the sense of community and teamwork that virtually everyone expressed about working at Bronson.

During my year here at Bronson Battle Creek, I have had that judgment reaffirmed on a near-daily basis.  My team consistently helps each other out when an unexpected personal event coincides with a scheduled day, if they cannot take a call shift, or if some unforeseen happening creates a conflict with their work-life balance.  This is not just limited to scheduling, as staff actively celebrates each other’s success, life changes, and achievements as well as being there for tragedies, challenges, and unfortunate events.  My team takes care of each other.

This sense of community extends to the actual job as well.  Our new-to-us staff is enthusiastically welcomed to the team, mentored and taught by staff who are engaged in the process and incorporated fairly and equally into all aspects of the role.  Long-term staff serve as active and passive role-models and serve as experts for all staff.  Respect, teamwork, camaraderie, and open honest communication are expected and exemplified by every staff members.

Moving to Southwestern Michigan has had its share of challenges and adventures, but being a part of such a cohesive team has made the transition easier.  I can honestly say that I made the right choice in selecting to work at Bronson Battle Creek!

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