This visit was exceptional

Rob Ernsberger, Family Member

My 4 year old son was in Bronson Children’s Hospital this morning for a scheduled MRI. Due to his age, he had to be sedated. Unfortunately he has been through this before and as one can expect from a young child, it doesn’t go very well. I cannot say enough about the nurses and doctors that took care of him (and us).

Kristin, Miranda, and Dr. Pejka were absolutely top-notch. There were a couple more nurses on the team that were also involved, and I feel terrible that I didn’t catch their names, but they were amazing as well. There was never a single moment where they didn’t make us feel like we were the only patients there.

The very first thing they did was introduce themselves and let us know what they were there to do. After that, their focus was on getting our son as comfortable as possible. They explained what the plan was and that we could ask questions at any time.

While he was getting his MRI, Kristin checked on my wife and I several times to make sure we were doing ok. Once he was back in the room, Kristin prepared us for when he wakes up. Once awake, she made sure he was comfortable and brought him something to snack on.

You can tell how much that team of nurses and doctors love their jobs and love kids. This visit was exceptional! Thank you so much for the great experience.

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