This program allows us to get out into the community where the people are!

Chris Flood, Employee

Community Fit is a government-funded initiative that our Bronson Wellness Center nutrition team is really proud to be a part of. Within Community Fit, we are able to offer several different health and wellness programs to the community at no charge. The overall goal of the initiative is simple – to help make the South Haven community healthier!

One program within the Community Fit initiative is local food demos. This summer, these demos are taking place at the South Haven Farmers Market every Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. At our booth, Emma (our health and wellness educator), Marilyn (our nutrition volunteer) and I are able to get out into the community and rep fruits and vegetables! We aren’t at the market to sell anything, we just want to provide an opportunity to everyone living in and visiting our community to learn about fruits and veggies, and find new ways to incorporate these healthy foods into their everyday life. I think it is so important that we host these food demos because it is an opportunity for us to get out in the community where the people are, instead of just being in the hospital serving people who come in for services.