This nurse has no idea how that helped my dad recover

Roberta Lytle, Family Member

My father Robert Olson was admitted to Bronson Methodist Hospital, we really didn’t think he was coming home this time. Watching my dad fight for a breath and meetings with hospice my nerves and sisters nerves were shot. We were watching a show on Pat Boone, and my dad told his nurse there was a song by his daughter Debby Boone that he liked. This nurse just started singing, my sister and I just about fell over. Nurse Brenda didn’t know all the words, so she told my dad she would get those words and sing the song with him. And she walked in and sang this with my dad the next day. This nurse has no idea how that helped my dad recover or how much my sister and I appreciated everything she did for our dad. What a wonderful person inside and out. I hope Bronson Hospital knows what they have in her. My dad is now on hospice and he tells everyone about nurse Brenda and they have to watch the video. This video is very hard for us to watch, but uplifting at the same time. I hope someone watching this remembers her singing for them and how it made them feel when they were waiting on results or sitting with a loved one. My Dad will be 91 in December, and he will be telling everyone he meets about this lady. Thank you Nurse Brenda for everything you do for patients and families.

Watch this story from Newschannel 3 to see an interview with Brenda and the patient’s daughter. They tell us more about what an impact this shared song had on both the nurse and the patient.