This is my place, and these are my people. I’m happy to give back.

Rob Germain, Employee

When Rob Germain started working at Bronson 39 years ago, he was a respiratory therapist just getting his start. While working, he received his associate’s degree in nursing through Kalamazoo Valley Community College. He then decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Over the years, Rob appreciated receiving tuition reimbursement from Bronson and a scholarship from the wife of Bronson’s late CEO, Patric Ludwig. “I remember I was very emotional. It meant a lot for someone to come forward and offer to help me pay for school. It was a very thoughtful thing,” Rob says.

Nine years into his career at Bronson he started working in Bronson Children’s Hospital’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, where he continues his career today, caring for young patients who are experiencing serious injury or illness.

When Rob lost his dad a few years ago, he started to consider his own future. He wanted to honor his dad, also named Robert, and help the next generation of aspiring nurses. Rob approached the Bronson Health Foundation to create a planned gift which would establish the Robert Germain Nursing Scholarship. “I think it’s important to help people out. There may be someone working here at Bronson now who is passionate about being a nurse, and is dynamic and bright, but maybe doesn’t have the financial means,” says Rob. “This will decrease the financial burden.”

Rob says it’s fulfilling to know he can help those who will continue to care for patients at Bronson for years to come. “It’s been a rewarding career here at Bronson. This is my place, and these are my people. I’m happy to give back.”