This is a class act team!

Bridget Tolpa, Patient

I had physical therapy at the Bronson Wellness Center before my hip replacement.  The experience was totally positive, from the front desk to the physical therapists themselves.  The front desk is responsive and flexible with the schedule.  There are three physical therapists per team.  My team was Alisa, Tim and Frank. You may not know who you will be getting on any even day but it doesn’t matter because they stay on top of what your previous physical therapy session involved and they pick it up from there.  The therapists are professional, knowledgeable and were constantly thinking of better ways for me to improve my strength. I had my hip replaced on December 11 and I truly think one of the reasons why my rehab has been going so well is because of the P.T. that I received before the surgery.  This is a class act team!