This hospital saved my life

Lyn Marie Earwood, Patient

I was taken to Bronson by my husband and daughter last Dec. 28th, 2014 while very ill. I had just retire from teaching 1/1/14. I had a UTI and it had not gotten better. They admitted me because I was experiencing septic shock, and the doctors in Emergency said to my husband, “If he had waited for 12 more hours I wouldn’t not have lived.” I was admitted to the MICU unit on 4 East, and stayed there for two weeks, then moved to the third floor for another few weeks, leaving Bronson for a Rehab Unit at Borges for two more weeks. My oldest son had passed away Dec. 21, 14 from a massive heart attack and his funeral was Dec. 27, 14 and the very next day I was taken to the hospital so ill I didn’t understand or make any sense when trying to talk. I was in the hospital for a total of 41 days. I credit Bronson Methodist Hospital Dr.’s and Nurses and other ancillary staff with saving my life. Thanks for all your professional care and services. I wouldn’t be here without your services. One very grateful lady.

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