This employee went way above and beyond what he needed to do

Nancy Hyde, Family Member

My husband Earl, who has great difficulty walking even with his walker, was scheduled for a heart catheter on September 15, 2020. We were arduously making our way down a long hallway toward the heart catheter lab. We were approached by a young man pushing what appeared to be a cleaning cart. When he arrived in front of us, he asked where we were headed. When I said we had an appointment in the heart catheter lab, the young man said, “You wait right here.” He was gone for a few minutes and then returned with a wheelchair for my husband. He pushed Earl all the way to our destination. I don’t know if we would have made it on our own. He was so kind and helpful. His name on his nametag was Marty F. This employee went way above and beyond what he needed to do, and I commend him for his caring and helpfulness.

Five days after the heart catheter, Earl suffered a bleed in his brain which resulted in a trip to the emergency room. The staff there was very attentive and helpful. After his treatment in the emergency department (ED), Earl was transferred to the NCCU to room 395A. I cannot remember all the names of the RNs and CNAs, but they were wonderful. Everyone, including the food service people, were kind and helpful.

After a stay in room 395A, Earl was transferred to room 377 where he also received excellent care. He needed a lot of attention because his right arm was affected by the stroke. He received all the attention he needed. All the employees were very cheerful and attentive. Bronson Hospital will always be our hospital of choice.

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