This community belongs to all of us. I believe strongly in supporting it…

Brenda Terburg-Fawley, Employee

Bronson is one of the largest employers in the area and this community belongs to all of us.  I believe strongly in supporting it by giving to the United Way. The United Way works hard in our neighborhoods and communities to help those in need in SO MANY WAYS! They do the ground work for you and make every organization accountable for the dollars trusted to them and make sure each and every dollar is going where it has the most impact and where there is the most need. One of the many programs I support through United Way is the ‘Back to Sleep’ and ‘Cradle Kalamazoo’ programs both helping to prevent infant death. I also love the reading programs, the 2-1-1 initiative and the many food pantries, shelters, non-profits and community centers that are supported by United Way dollars. When I founded and ran the crisis center in Allegan County the United Way supported our 2-1-1 call center, our homeless shelter programs, our budgeting, cooking and laundry vouchers and our food pantry.

With the United Way, you know every dollar you give is going to those who work at the community level to make a difference in the lives of your neighbors and those you care about when you give to the United Way. Bronson is matching every dollar that our employees contribute, and that is really significant. For the price of a cup of coffee every pay period, plus the Bronson match, we can make a huge difference.