Thinking beyond: mind, body and spirit

Dr. J. Lia Gaggino, Provider

I have spent my 30 year career at Bronson as a general pediatrician and more recently as the system medical director for behavioral health. I am continually reminded of the talent and compassion of our medical staff who want to provide exceptional patient care and the nursing, medical assistants, physician assistants, clerical, security, social work, chaplains, environmental services and  food service staff who show care on the frontlines of the work we do – caring for the people in our community and their families.

Bronson’s behavioral health department aspires to support staff in the work you do that touches our patients – that is thinking beyond physical health and including emotional health.  Mind, body, spirit.  This applies to our staff as well as we must care for ourselves in order to care for others.  The crisis incident stress management (CISM) team is an example of how Bronson supports staff through difficult times and this team can be called by any employee who sees a need either personally or for their unit/team.

On a personal note, several years ago my husband spent the better part of a summer in and out of Trauma Care Unit at Bronson.  The staff was incredible and I still get teary remembering how they went above and beyond to save him.  I am forever grateful and do not have words to express how much they meant to our family.

I am proud to be a member of our medical staff, our CISM team, our provider burnout team and our behavioral health team as well as for the support from leadership to further these teams.

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