They wiped away tears, were respectful, compassionate.

Jim McKernan, Bronson Employee

Today we recognize Shannon Pence and Angela Kuzma from radiology for delivering compassionate, patient-and-family centered care.

A few weeks ago, an extremely nervous and frightened patient was struggling as they prepared for two MRIs here at Bronson Battle Creek (BBC).  The patient had recently lost a sister to cancer and was emotionally charged and crying.  In stepped MRI Technologist Shannon Pence and Imaging Services Assistant Angela Kuzma.  They wiped away tears, were respectful, compassionate, showed interest and empathy, and helped calm and care for the patient.  An appreciative note from the patient indicated that she ‘could not have made it through this without them’ and encouraged us to celebrate these two caring and talented BBC team-members.

Congratulations Shannon and Angie.  And thanks to all across Bronson who provide care to the whole person as part of delivering exceptional care experiences.

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