They were the most supportive and caring group of individuals I’ve known

Maria Brennan, Patient

May 17th, is the day that nearly changed my life as I knew it. May 17th was my oldest son’s 21st birthday though he was away in Ireland with my side of the family. I woke up at around 1:00 AM with an awful pain in my right side. I took a shower hoping for some relief but soon realized I needed real help and so I woke my husband. He drove me to Bronson Hospital’s Emergency. The drive in was so painful that I insisted on walking into the hospital even though they brought out a wheelchair for me. When I entered the emergency room and saw people waiting, I thought I would be waiting quite a while. However, they took one look at me and bought me straight back. The Medical staff were amazing!

It took a while to work out what the problem was (my ovary was torqued) and that I needed to have it removed right away. I was introduced to the surgeon, Dr. Goodspeed. The surgery took place that day and I had to stay a couple of nights in the hospital. The nurses and other staff were so sweet! On May 22nd, I called Dr. Goodspeed to ask if I could travel to Ireland, but unfortunately he had to give me the devastating news that I had Ovarian cancer. I was told that I was being referred to the West Michigan Cancer Center. I cried as the news sank in. My husband held me and told me we would get through this together.

The very next day, I went down to visit the Cancer Center. This is where I met Sara, Dr. Mize’s nurse and she told me that they would be seeing me the very next day. Before I left Dr. Mize and his team, we had a plan. The plan went mostly as expected, but of course I had a few set backs. Luckily my medical support team was always just a phone call away. And to say they were the most supportive and caring group of individuals I’ve known is an understatement. It also helped that they all had such a wicked sense of humor. I got through the treatment and am now in remission.