They were nothing short of amazing

Elaina Coler, Patient

I found out I was having twins at 9 weeks and was sent to the maternal-fetal medicine doctors at Bronson. They were nothing short of amazing after the very first visit. We lived over an hour away and drove to Kalamazoo every 2-4 weeks. They made sure to spend there time and explain any questions that we had had.

At 27 weeks I developed severe pre-eclampsia and was in the hospital until I delivered a week later. The doctors, Packard, Utter and Neilson, came to round every day and were so thorough in everything that they did. They made the best of a very scary situation. Dr. Utter delivered our babies on June 28th. His knowledge and experience made my husband and myself feel very comfortable during the procedure.

We then went on to spend almost 10 weeks, 68 days, in the NICU. I can’t speak highly enough of all the doctors and every single nurse that we had. They all explained things and educated our family on all the details that were happening to our sweet baby girls. Everyone worked so well as a team and you could tell they all cared so much for the patient and family members.

Overall the experience I had at Bronson was excellent and I tell people that all the time. My pregnancy and birth may have not went as I planned, but under the circumstances it couldn’t have went any better and I’m thankful for the entire care team at Bronson. Thank you!!

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