They were all so sweet to her

Nettie Overloop, Family Member

Tammy is my sister and she is very special. Tammy will always be my younger sister even though she is older than me. Her mental age is that of a young child and she still plays with dolls. When Tammy was admitted to Bronson I was very worried, with all the COVID restrictions I knew that only two people could be there for her entire stay. Tammy doesn’t always understand what people want or are saying and she also cannot always express herself. I was so impressed with the staff assigned to Tammy. Even in recovery they were so calm and good to her. When Tammy woke up crying after her surgery they had me come straight back. There were four wonderful people all concerned and trying to comfort her. Getting a familiar face immediately really helped in keeping Tammy from really freaking out. They were all so sweet to her. Then today a nurse that she had on a previous day came just to check on her. All of her nurses were just so sweet to her. I just want to thank them all. You treated Tammy with respect and as a person. It’s not something that we have always had happen and it means the world to me.