They make me feel safe coming in to work during this pandemic

Kent W. Hynes, Jr., Employee

I would like to send a kudos to my Boss’ Boss, Mr. John Fear III, Dietary Director. Since this pandemic has happened, Mr. John ( that’s what I call him ) has taken great steps to keep us informed. He checks in with us twice a day during our group ‘huddles’. He shows genuine concern for staff safety and well being.

He has started selling grocery essentials in the cafeteria, so that those of us need not make a trip to the store. He even went so far as to order diapers, baby wipes, and Tide pods.

Mr. John walks around and speaks to individuals as to how they are doing, do they need anything, etc.

One perfect example on how he cares for his staff: My Wife passed away in 2018. He let me take as much time off as needed. I couldn’t sleep at home so I rented a motel room. He sent a co-worker of mine over to the motel to provide me some food. He provided dinner for my visiting family and friends, too.

I feel proud to work for Bronson, Mr. John, Chef Nate, and all the Mgmt staff in the Dietary Department. I feel safe coming in to work during this pandemic because of all the steps, security, and insight both Mr. John as well as Bronson leadership is doing.

Kent W. Hynes, Jr.
Bronson Battle Creek Cook

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