They made me feel so comfortable throughout the procedure

Mallory Mayer, Patient

I want to sincerely thank the Labor/Delivery and postpartum team that supported my husband and I through our six day stay at the hospital waiting on the arrival of our son. Specifically I want to thank the following nurses for going above and beyond helping us to feel safe and comfortable during a time filled with a lot of unknowns. Gina, Nikki, Michelle, Kim, and Darcy were absolutely incredible during the whole process. It was a slow and long week and they took their time to build relationships with us and help us to understand what was happening. When things did not go as planned, they made sure to continue to support us and truly made us feel that they were looking out for what was best for us. After our son was born, Brooklyn and Suzie did an amazing job helping me care for him and supporting me as a new mom. Dr. Bradstreet and Dr. Trillet were phenomenal during my c section. They made me feel so comfortable that we were able to laugh and joke throughout the procedure. Thank you!!

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