They literally saved my wife’s life

Tom Hill, Family Member

On June 8, 2022, my wife and I checked into the BBC birthplace to be induced for the birth of our daughter. My wife had Covid and had a previous stillbirth with a similar situation. We were treated with the utmost care, compassion and respect by everyone we encountered during our stay and were rewarded with a perfect beautiful baby girl Madelyn Renee on 6-11-22. Your staff should be commended for how amazing they were to us over our 5-day stay.

Of special note, I would like to single out a few of the staff for the above and beyond the care provided: Julie, Jason, Janell & Chelsea were amazing to us.

Drew & Megan went even above and beyond the others. They literally saved my wife’s life and spent their entire shift working on her after she had a terrible postpartum hemorrhage, these women along with Dr. Krauss did everything they could to stop the bleeding and prevent having to have further surgical interventions. Drew was not even supposed to work that night but came in because they were so busy and worked her butt off all night for our family.

Thank you will never be enough but we wanted to make sure they were recognized and praised and know how appreciated they all are.

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