They Fostered a Great Environment of Openness

James, Employee

The CISM team came to our office after the death of a coworker’s husband. They arrived the same day of the incident and helped people express their feelings about what had happened and offered strategies for supporting ourselves and each other. They fostered a great environment of openness, inclusion and frank conversation. I think people felt better after having this opportunity and didn’t have to feel alone or like they had to hold their feelings inside and not hash them out. I believe everybody felt better equipped to continue dealing with the tragedy while also having better methods to offer assistance to others in need. I would recommend a visit from the CISM team to any group of colleagues dealing with a difficult situation like we had.

What is CISM? Bronson is committed to helping employees be well and live a balanced lifestyle. Following a critical or traumatic event, it can be difficult to function normally at work or home. The Bronson Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) team is available to help employees through these difficult situations by providing healthy and effective coping techniques.