They exhibited compassion, empathy, kindness and teamwork

April Serne, Bronson Employee

On October 16, 2017, Jocelyn VanWynen from Bronson South Haven Rehab (Bronson Rehabilitation Services – South Haven) was calling a patient to reschedule an appointment. While on the phone with the patient she appreciated that the patient was experiencing distress, could not talk, and appeared to sound as if he was having trouble breathing. She reached out to employee Debra Titman for assistance who took the phone and asked the patient if they needed an ambulance. The patient responded “yes” to the question. 911 was called on behalf of the patient.

Because of these two ladies the patient was able to be transported to the emergency department where he was evaluated and treated for his symptoms. They exhibited compassion, empathy, kindness and teamwork that contributed to the overall well-being of the patient. Thank you for everything that you do Jocelyn and Debbie.