They did the best to solve my problems

Howard Dezotell, Patient

I was found to have bladder cancer I was scared at the time I want to the ER because I was in pain,the ER set me up with a doctor what you didn’t take long to get in his office he explained to me what he could do for me. they scheduled my surgery I was very impressed with the medical staff the ER room along with the doctorit was actually outpatient surgerythe staff made me feel very comfortable. they took the tumor out it hasn’t grown back I have a 70% chance that it may come back I like to think that it’s not coming back to keep a positive mind I do follow up every 3 months I would like to thank the staff in the outpatient surgery area for the great job that they did for me I still have some problems but they did the best to solve my problemsperiod I like to personally thank each and every one of them everything that they did for me