They did an incredible job of easing my fears, concerns and treating me

Jamie Jager, Patient

I had to, unfortunately, go into the emergency department (ED) at Bronson on Saturday afternoon (3/28/20) for extreme abdominal pain. While I was scared and in terrible pain, the staff did an amazing job at protecting myself and others from further illness. The doors were “secured” by 2 people monitoring symptoms, before stepping foot into the hospital, to avoid contamination. I was very scared and wanted nothing but my boyfriend’s hand and was told he couldn’t enter the hospital with me. 😭 While he and I both understand why this is being done, we naturally were heartbroken. You could tell that the staff knew following protocol was necessary, but it was hard for them as well. My point is, that they did an incredible job of easing my fears, concerns and treating me. They seemed fearless in their pursuit to give me relief, despite having a few symptoms that were in alignment with COVID-19 (it was a ruptured ovarian cyst, so no worries folks). I just wanted to take some time to thank my Dr, nurses, techs and all the people who step foot in that hospital to do an incredibly scary job everyday, and do it so well. Bronson has long been my choice for all medical needs, and this most recent experience just reaffirmed to me that they are the best, most professional and compassionate option in our community! Keep up the great work and stay healthy and safe! ❤️



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