They did all the things you don’t expect hospitals to do anymore

Elizabeth Upjohn Mason, Patient

It was spring of 2012. And my husband, Jerry, and I were thrilled to be a part of Kalamazoo Central’s commencement ceremony. President Obama was speaking and the graduating class was filled with excitement and anticipation.

Then it happened.

Jerry suffered cardiac arrest. His condition was critical and we were lucky to have so many physicians, nurses and EMTs in the audience. They helped save his life. And the incredible care continued when we arrived at Bronson Methodist Hospital.

Jerry was brought to the ICU, where the entire Bronson team worked together in a fully coordinated way. It’s like they formed a cocoon around us, giving my husband the best care and anticipating every last one of my and my family’s needs.

Not only did the Bronson staff help save Jerry’s life, they fed, groomed, shaved and washed his hair. They listened to my suggestions and let me participate in his care since I was the one that knew him best.

This magnificent display of care exceeded every expectation I had of hospitals, from the way they treated my husband’s condition and transitioned him to rehab care, to all the comfort and compassion they gave my family and me. So, thank you, Bronson.

Thank you for going well beyond my expectations every step of the way.