They brought me back to where I am today

Quintina Davis, patient recovering from COVID-19

65-year-old Quintina Davis is back in her Battle Creek home after spending nearly a month at Bronson Battle Creek Hospital being treated for COVID 19, followed by more than a week in rehabilitation.

“I felt horrible,” says Quintina, recalling what it was like as she battled the virus. “I did have a fever for a few days, and they finally got it down. The dizziness and headaches were the worst. I was off balance. My biggest problem was my oxygen levels would go down when I walk or stand up or talk.”

Quintina says her career experience as a social worker helped her get through it, knowing that many people face tough times and she could too. “Even at the hospital, I understood what’s going on,” she says. “I think social workers understand situations like this. We’ve been through helping families through tragedy.”

She is thankful for the team that took care of her throughout her experience. “I’m glad they saved my life. I almost died,” says Quintina.  “Whatever they did in the Intensive Care Unit I’m grateful for. Everybody was awesome they brought me back to where I am today. I thank God that they were there and they took such good care of me.”

She still has dizzy spells and can’t walk far or stand for long periods of time, but one day at a time she is getting through. She looks forward to the day when she can get out again and encourages people to still take precautions. “It’s challenging for our country and our world. We have to obey the distancing and washing your hands. You have to do that. I look at it this way, if your dead it doesn’t matter. I hope people will have more understanding. Because it is real.”