They are rock stars in my book

Amanda Hammock, Patient

This letter is FAR overdue and I apologize for that. I wanted to share with you my experiences with these two individuals when I was in the Critical Care Unit at the beginning of March.

Obviously when in the Critical Care Unit people are cranky, and I am no different. I try to be nice to the nurses, but sometimes I am just not. I was in the Critical Care Unit for 5 days at the beginning of January and had several nurses, but two were the most amazing nurses and I wanted someone to know about what a difference they made to me.

Let’s start with Lauren Swanson. Having an IV made it difficult to get to the bathroom, and it seemed like every time she would leave, I would need something. I felt like I always needed her, but she NEVER made me feel like an imposition. She always was bubbly, happy and reassuring that I was not a bother. I cannot tell you how good she made me feel. I have had good nurses, but she truly made me FEEL like I was important, like I was her ONLY patient (and I know I wasn’t), and like I was never a bother. There are very few nurses who make you feel like that.

One day, as embarrassing as it is, I had an accident in my bed, and I was in tears (mortified), but she was AMAZING! I felt disgusting and ashamed, but she got me to the shower, and got my bed cleaned up and never made me feel bad about it. I can’t explain how important that was to me. She made me feel human when I felt the most embarrassed that I probably have in my entire adulthood. She made me laugh and smile. That…. THAT IS BRONSON POSITIVITY AT IT’S FINEST!

Now, Tony Carrillo…. Tony, Tony, Tony! So Tony was an exceptional nurse as well. Wow, when he walked in he was smiling, and singing. Instantly he made me feel better. How can you not, when someone is being so positive? He truly loves his job and you can see it in his every move! I was feeling very sad when Tony was in and he absolutely raised my spirits. I can’t explain what it was exactly, but every time he came in he showed he cared. He always made me feel important. Tony kept me informed of anything I needed to know, he was very compassionate, he was humorous, and he was knowledgeable. I felt so comfortable in his care. I had an issue with a medication and he went and contacted the doctor right away and got it resolved. I had asked the nurse on another shift and that nurse did nothing about it. Tony listened, and acted on what you said. As with Lauren, I felt like I was Tony’s only patient, I was never an inconvenience, and he took his time to be sure I had what I needed. He was kind, funny, and smart. Another show of BRONSON POSITIVITY!

I know that other nurses are good and don’t want to discredit their work, but these two are stars! They went above and beyond the call of their jobs. They showed me true compassion and really made me feel good. There is nothing better than being treated like a queen when you feel so horrible!

Please share with them the kudos and let them know that they made a difference to me. Their actions did NOT go unnoticed. They are rock stars in my book. I suspect I will be back (hopefully I am wrong), and I pray that I am fortunate enough to get both of them again!

Thank you Lauren and Tony (with the nice hair)!

Blessings to all of you in the health care field,

Amanda Hammock