They are really ahead of the game.

Tom and Tammy Lockyer

When Tom and Tammy Lockyer first started visiting the Bronson Battle Creek Cancer Care Center for Tom’s prostate cancer treatment, they didn’t know what to expect. They left feeling cared for and confident in Tom’s treatment plan. “From the time you push the button on the door to enter, to the time you leave, they treat you like an individual,” says Tammy.

Tom says he was surprised when doctors told him about the Center’s new linear accelerator, which was purchased, in part, with support from generous donors to the Bronson Health Foundation. The new machine would expedite his radiation treatments. “This is really top notch. I knew there was a lot of technology out there, but I didn’t realize it would be in Battle Creek. They are really ahead of the game,” says Tom. The accelerator is faster, reduces the radiation dose, and has enhanced tumor targeting. “It makes it so Tom has shorter treatments and doesn’t experience as much of the side effects and the dread of going every day. He just doesn’t have that,” explains Tammy.

That, along with the expert staff, makes all the difference. “It lifts you up and it makes you sometimes even forget why you are here, and that helps a lot.”