They are Bronson Positivity day in and day out.

Melissa Mackinder, Employee

I am the volunteer services coordinator at Bronson Battle Creek. It’s great that Bronson Battle Creek is strong, active part of the Battle Creek community, with a special focus to the health and well-being of its community members.

Bronson Battle Creek is a great place to work, and it’s a great place for our volunteers. It’s very much a family atmosphere. You feel like you’re truly a part of a team. We have over 200 active volunteers who serve at Bronson Battle Creek at least once a month, but many do more than that.

Our volunteers are special because they’re truly vested in the success of Bronson. They want to be here. They want to be a part of the organization. They are Bronson Positivity day in and day out. BBC volunteers exemplify positivity because they believe in and adhere to our values and vision. In the year and a half I’ve been in my position, we’ve had some changes, but our volunteers have been incredibly positive and supportive. They were able to adjust and willing to “roll with the punches”… all with a smile on their faces.